Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Worst Editor On Earth By Scott Simmons

He only pretends that he can draw, write, or even read.
In fact he couldn’t even spot read a damn McDonald’s Menu.

All that he really does is jack off and cry about being lonely all day.
He couldn’t even get if he hired a hooker.

Nobody likes him including his own reflection in the mirror.
He is also about as stupid as he is ugly.

He even can’t find his way outside of the bubble that he lives in.
And he got lost just trying to find his way to the bathroom.

At least his social graces are decent for an over groomed primate.

Long story short That Scott Simmons guy is an asshole.
Trust me I know...

About Scott Simmons:

Scott Simmons is an aspiring poet and humorist from Texas who has works out on Horror Sleaze Trash, Daune's Poetree, and The Rye Whiskey Review. His "art" can be found here:

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