Saturday, December 1, 2018

Hornets By Gwil James Thomas

Their sting they say 
is like 
a    red    hot    nail 
potentially fatal - 
this was the beast 
that I’d 
been discussing 
with my friend 
the other day -
The Asian Hornet 
and with 
fear and excitement - 
I watch as it crawls 
over my wrist, 
fiercely flexing its 
before the uninvited 
guest lands 
on my table helping 
itself to some 
discarded 7UP - 
I don’t like killing 
anything but 
thinking that it could 
be me or him, 
I bring my notepad 
down on him, 
squishing the bastard 
with the most action 
the notepad’s 
seen in months and 
finally pull 
the pad back up
to reveal its stinger 
still in tact 
like an upturned 
broken bottle, 
buried beneath 
beach sand -  
I look down the table 
and notice two more 
orange and black shapes 
waddling towards me,
ready for flight and fight - 
it looks like that hornet 
had told his friends 
about me 

About Gwil James Thomas:

“Gwil James Thomas is a poet, novelist and inept musician originally from the infamous city of Bristol, England. His work can be found widely in print and sometimes online in places such as 3AM, Punk Lit Press, Dodging The Rain and Expat Press, amongst others.  His most recent chapbook is titled Romance, Renegades & Riots - a split chapbook with the poet John D Robinson available via (Analog Submission Press). He lives in Northern Spain, where he lives, does odd jobs and tries his best to stay out of trouble.”

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