Thursday, January 3, 2019

Fuck by Kevin Martin

Originally from North Carolina

now in the steel city

Everywhere there is trash in the streets

Davidson County NC to Pittsburgh

out of place

wish i had that red house or blue house Utopian gardens burn bright best thing is this place

or that one, complicated and paid for by Kings of pentacles, cards and scrolls archaic

dead daydreams smoke you right in front of the night forever grateful correcting my grammar daydream nightmares, used to live a normal life woke up in prison American felon, ex drug user anticipated soft scarecrow dreams dystopian

punishment walking willows that worry about what is right or wrong, judge and jury executing drinks at lunch time that went for the biggest one, martinis expensive dinners

Retreat sweet face bullets cut through

a chance at life, secrets of earthly treasures high bushy tails rich with lore of things forgotten  enough for a movie to play behind eyes about this life I can we start this show?  image of pedigree gotta burn your fire fur that burns and smells this way of death

really quick succession articles of law and soul recalling practical sources changing

teaching kids a parallel that knowledge ruins sugar dreams and burns down the high wall of mighty hard living wonder why ghosts alone in comfort are now unknown to the average Buddha that walks beside you, a kid at heart a Samaritan a refugee with electricity knowledge held out in front, for all to see glorious emptiness from streets that lead to the black holes of others

around here graves are stacked on

About Kevin Martin: 

The Wolf Kevin Martin is an amateur photographer and poet from Lexington,
North Carolina now residing in Pittsburg, PA. Contributing poems and images to:
The Arrival magazine,  The Rye Whiskey Review, The Dope Fiend Daily, Cajun Mutt Press,
and Alien Buddha Press. 

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