Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Dick On Wheels by Marc Darnell

He pays for sex, because he has needs,
and screw the law--
men are pigs anyway.

Oh and what he pays--
he doesn’t want a beast of paw--
his mumbling sex squeeze needs

rock tits, be lanky with swinging beads,
and he wants her close to new,
call him a pig.  Anyway,

they'll do the deed any way
he chooses, even raw,
because he has needs

for penile sensitivity.  His brain breeds
out of emptiness, it grows
more so each screw he does any way

any day he finds a whore to play
this fake love game, oh holy cow
he’s a cash runt of guilt who needs
to believe all men are pigs.  Anyway...

Marc Darnell is an online tutor and custodian in Omaha NE, and has also been a phlebotomist, hotel supervisor, busboy, editorial assistant, farmhand, devout recluse, and incurable brooder.  He received his MFA from the University of Iowa, and has published poems in The Lyric, Rue Scribe, Verse, Skidrow Penthouse, Shot Glass Journal, The HyperTexts, Candelabrum, The Road Not Taken, Aries, Ship of Fools, Open Minds Quarterly, The Fib Review, Verse-Virtual, Blue Unicorn, Ragazine, The Literary Nest, The Pangolin Review, and elsewhere.

Monday, September 20, 2021


Your name I don’t recall.
Nor what you looked like.
I’m sure you still exist,
somewhere in this world,
whatever you’re called,
or most resemble.

Yes, I’m sure
that once you were 
part of another life.
If it was mine
then I must have been elsewhere.

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident, recently published in Orbis, Dalhousie Review and Connecticut River Review. Latest books, “Leaves On Pages” and “Memory Outside The Head” are available through Amazon.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

rejection letter #2 by Giovanni Mangiante

dear giovanni mangiante,
thank you
for your interest in our magazine,
but it seems
have mistakenly
sent us
your resume
than your submission.

we are now currently closed
for submissions,
but feel free to try us
again next time
you’re sober.

we look forward 
to reading

Giovanni Mangiante is a poet from Lima, Peru. He has work published in Newington Blue Press, Rusty Truck, The Daily Drunk, Anti-Heroin Chic, Heroin Love Songs, Rat's Ass Review, Three Rooms Press, and more. In writing, he found a way to cope with BPD.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Letter to Bruno by Daniel S. Irwin

Bruno, my brother, hear this.
I have decided to end my life.
No, seriously, this is it.
A firm decision on my future.
A future proven rather vague,
Not unlike the days of my past.
So, esta finito, a finish to it all.
The method of my demise
Is still under consideration;
Passive, as with pills or gas,
Dramatic, as with kissing a truck,
Or, maybe, just flinging myself
From the Eiffel Tower, which
Would require a lengthy trip
And tools to cut through the
Wire mesh placed around
The edifice since so many
Have jumped before me.
Drat! There goes originality.
I’ll come up with something.
The date is set, my birthday:
Either my hundred and tenth
Or my hundred and twentieth.
It’ll be a while.  I’ll let you know. 

Daniel S. Irwin, a native of Sparta, Illinois.  Retired military.  Dudeist priest.  Dedicated heathen. Work published in over one hundred magazines and journals world wide.  Founder of The Hardened Sailors’ School of Vulgar Vernacular (now disbanded). Latest work can be found at/in Horror, Sleaze, Trash Magazine, Beatnik Cowboy, Cajun Mutt, The Rye Whiskey Review.  

Sunday, September 12, 2021

It’s Ridiculous by Christine M. Du Bois

It’s ridiculous how much
I love,
how much
I crave
all that is creative
in all creation,
how much
I long
for union 
every ovum,
every spore and sperm,
painter’s palette,
tapping toe drop,
woven nest, and 
tiny bit of algae
dancing aglow
in inky seas;
every beaver’s lodge,
beveled loveseat,
tapenade on toast,
woven tapestry,
on grains of rice, 
on massive, translucent 
blocks of ice;
every aria, 
hymn for humming, 
spitting sparkler,
spangled humming
cathedral spires,
purse-web spiders,
steel-pans, lyres, 
bossa nova, and
the web of life
beneath all soil.
This love is wild,
ardent and
sharp and 
stretching towards
foolish and rebellious--
complete infatuation--
and it makes me feel

Christine M. Du Bois is an anthropologist of immigration, race relations, and food cultures.  She has published three non-fiction books, Images of West Indian Immigrants in Mass Media (LFB Scholarly, 2004), The World of Soy (University of IL Press, 2008), and The Story of Soy (Reaktion Press, 2018). She is a new poet, a precinct Judge of Elections in Pennsylvania, a longtime Girl Scout leader, a wife, a mom, and a friend.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Icey Me by Andrea E. Lodge


Andrea E. Lodge resides in Philadelphia with her husband and two disabled cats; Budgie, with only three legs, no tail, constantly drooling, and Loki, AKA Poki, AKA, Pokapotamus (because he weighs 20 pounds), a Scottish fold with only one folded ear.  She studied English/Secondary Education at Holy Family University and taught middle and high school Writing and Literature after graduating.  She is now a full-time Writer and something resembling an artist.  She has had several poems featured on Spillwords, two pieces included in an anthology by Havik, several poems and some prose in different issues of Alien Buddha Press’ Feminist Agenda, The Alien Buddha’s Block Party: Blackout Poetry, Alien Buddha’s Zine #11, #12 and #21, her poem, Screaming at Tiffany’s, was in the 12th issue of Voice of Eve magazine. She has also had some work featured in Danse Macabre’s EntrĂ©e DM 123 and DM 125: Fete de Noel.  She has also been featured in the Winter edition of Soul Lit’s online ‘zine, 2019.  As of late, Andrea has written reviews for the books Evocare (Ayo Gutierrez, Eileen Tabios, Brian Cain Aene) and The Tears I Never Told You (JinQue RD).  Andrea has also edited The Tears I Never Told You and Are You Ready? (Ayo Gutierrez, Gigi D. Sunga, Ph.D.)  She has most recently had her poetry featured in the anthology, Scentsibility, a book of poetry related to the senses.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

i am pro-title haikus by Tohm Bakelas

“submission guidelines  
clearly state: ‘do not title haikus”—  
well, fuck you 

Tohm Bakelas is a social worker in a psychiatric hospital. He was born in New Jersey, resides there, and will die there. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, zines, and online publications. He has published 12 chapbooks. He runs Between Shadows Press. 

Dick On Wheels by Marc Darnell

He pays for sex, because he has needs, and screw the law-- men are pigs anyway. Oh and what he pays-- he doesn’t want a beast of paw-- his m...