Friday, July 6, 2018

Step Outside The Circle By Treznor Kane

We question punishment but never are desires.
The night does not ask it only embraces the naked form upon the altar.

Please join me and feel the freedom that no other can grant but yourself.
Spite him and embrace your fears in the flames.

Take the need and allow the senses to overload.
The flesh is warm the words are cold.

We shall gather in a black mass on another setting sun to know the happiness in total fulfillment. 

Why question the taste when you can have it now simply step outside and allow the sheep to question.

Freedom is there.
Only the ignorant care to hide from there true nature.

She is a vessel and you but a device to create pleasure and let the sin wash over you and drown you within the chaos.

I am the dagger upon the altar.
The bleeding of one must not always be in spite.
 For pain is much a part of pleasure as the rain is to drown yet give life all the same.

Feed the want and you will never truly need.

All you need is to take that step.
Outside the circle is the place where order does not exist and freedom does thrive.

Bleed in thought and drown in pleasure.

Death approaches.

The darkness is the only path that will not deceive you.

For it exists no matter how you perceive it.

About Treznor Kane:

Treznor Kane is an occultist and student of the black arts a man of many interests and with many tastes for finer things.He respects all peoples believes he simply prefers to be left alone to practice his own.

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