Tuesday, September 11, 2018

When The Peep Won't Pop By Tony Pena

I never wanted my wet
dreams to outlive me so
I rewrote the script dozens

of times with a candle
of conscience burned
at both ends to not miss

a beat whether palpitating
in a dark theatre in the old
Times Square drunk on porn

or casually encountering
a lady in similar straights
subbing lust for love making

the grind more bearable,
but happy endings tailored only
for Hollywood and morning packs

more pounds of dirty laundry
in a well worn leather case once
a valise but now just baggage.

About Tony Pena:

Tony Pena was selected as 2017-2018 Poet Laureate for the city of Beacon, New York.  
A new volume of poetry and flash fiction, "Blood and Beats and Rock n Roll," is available now at Amazon.  
His publication credits include   "Dogzplot,"   "Gutter Eloquence," “Hudson Valley Transmitter,” “Misfit Magazine,” "Red Fez," “Rye Whiskey Review,”  "Slipstream,"  "Underground Voices," "Zygote in my Coffee,"  and others as well as a self published chapbook, "Opening night in Gehenna."
Colorful compositions and caterwauling with a couple of chords can be seen at:



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