Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Cooking Time: Ten Minutes By Mendes Biondo

the ragù was boiling in the cooking pan

what will be about us?

you asked me

are you talking about future
our life?

I asked to you and you nodded

I took two dishes of fresh pasta from the table
covered with a red and white cloth
old glasses full of chianti on it

I awaited the water to boil
then thrown the pasta in the pot

do you remember the first time we met?

I asked

I was unable to watch your eyes
I was so scared of what was happening to me
but you took my hand in that park in Milano
under a weeping pillow like two statues
something coming from Greece or Rome

you smiled while playing with a taralluccio

I remember you were a kid
we are grown now

pasta softened slowly
it changed her shape
it became as soft and wrinkled as the white and red cloth
and our hands entwined as cooked spaghetti would do
as the wine of our vino did before being squeezed

so what will happen in your opinion?

your eyes were chestnuts in fall
the mouth matured by the summer sun
when you answered me this way

let the branches grow
let’s see what will happen tomorrow
let’s face dry wind and rains
let’s things flow as fishes in the river

pasta was ready and we ate it
but exactly then
in a second
in a lovely glimpse we understood
we were changed from the first time we ate it together


About Mendes Biondo:

Mendes Biondo is an Italian journalist and author. His works appeared on Visual Verse, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Literary Yard, Angela Topping Hygge Feature,  Indigent A La Carte, The BeZine, Scrittura Magazine, The Song Is, Poetry Pasta and other magazines. He is one of the editors of The Ramingo's Porch along with Marc Pietrzykowski and Catfish McDaris. His first book of poems will be published soon by Pski's Porch Publishing.

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