Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Fall In Reverse by Tracey Sivek & John Patrick Robbins

Take the words as you will  play the part or just fantasize about tomorrows that often will never be.

As the sunset doesn't linger as neither shall I.

There never was a kiss or a promise that time could hold on to.

Just a few cigarette burns to connect the dots to nothing, nothing at all.

So it's said once  a adult and twice a child.

 I thought the answers existed somewhere.

But I have long since traveled every road and only more empty highways exist.

And it's there at the end of the earth where dreams die.

Screams are just echos, and I'm too fucked up to jump.

About Tracey Sivek:

Tracey is a native of Northern Michigan. She has work on Writerscafe and Cosmofunnel. She is the Author of "Zero Evidence of Life" found on  Her publications include, The Abyss, Under The Bleachers, The Rye Whiskey Review an Midnight Magazine.

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