Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fallacy by Tony Pena

If memory serves there
was a time I had the torque
of a Black and Decker
drill bit running high
under red hot sheets.
Brothels closing
up and down Forty
Deuce as I wore
out harlot after harlot.

But even sex addicts
can find mutations of love
and in the wake of many
a spent condom , a Venus
of my very own latched
hard onto my dreams
till her Jezebel called me
on my delusions with a lock
my skeleton key could not turn.

My ejaculations she avoided
like toxic spills causing
my confidence to free fall
to the point where now I look
out the window for hours
till the postman delivers
my mail order Viagra
so I can pleasure the stud
in the bordello of my mind.

About Tony Pena:

Tony Pena was selected as 2017-2018 Poet Laureate for the city of Beacon, New York.  
A new volume of poetry and flash fiction, "Blood and Beats and Rock n Roll," is available now at Amazon.   His publication credits include   "Dogzplot,"   "Gutter Eloquence," “Hudson Valley Transmitter,” “Misfit Magazine,” "Red Fez," “Rye Whiskey Review,”  "Slipstream,"  "Underground Voices," "Zygote in my Coffee,"  and others as well as a self published chapbook, "Opening night in Gehenna."
Colorful compositions and caterwauling with a couple of chords can be seen at:

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