Thursday, December 20, 2018

Poetry by Ezhno Martin

Hungry Sluts and Spaghetti 

There's really no explanation
I can come up with
to make the fact
that I think it's beautiful
your titts look exactly the same
they did back when
we were both 14
seem any less creepy

but we were so innocent then
and so broken now
we're both hooked on drugs
and covered in shitty prison tattoos
but we tell the same jokes
with the same brightness of being
we did back when we thought we had futures

and we're fucking now
because we bumped into each other
in the grocery store
and I still had a little something left on my
food stamp card
and you didn't

I made you promise
you would have followed me back home
even if you weren't desperate
but didn't need to believe it
not after you flashed me your titts in the frozen food isle

Maybe this is a little more like Lolita
than I can acknowledge
but you were the first person
I ever saw naked
and people like us
need to get back to purity
worse than most everybody else

I'll be the first to admit
that if we weren't both starving

this wouldn't be anywhere near as sexy


I want to believe
her breath wouldn't taste like diabetes
but I know she's been shredded
the last decade and a half
smoking all those shards
sucking dick to pay rent
and swallowing whiskey to prevent memories

oh I did it all too

survival is sexy
but I don't think she would be anymore
not after knowing
how scary it has been being held down
and extracted
and mined
for the both of us.

I want to hold her
face close to mine
and share our secrets again

but I don't want to hear any of that
and she couldn't handle it

I can't handle the thought
of waking up next to her
and not hating myself
for never moving on

she's still a little girl in my mind

she's a special case, maybe
but I can't stomach the decay.

So Perverse

She slit his throat
with a dime store Katana
for holding her hostage
and raping her repeatedly

For two days
he smoked ice
and shoved his raw dick
in her sore gashes
untying her finally
when she shit the bed
and his pipe was empty

when he crashed
she broke all the phones
so he couldn't call for help
and swung with all she had left
leaving him bleeding, too
running away to the comfort
of one of her kinder Johns

She was sentenced to three years
in the state pen
for hoping it killed him

the prosecutors
secretly thinking
a junkie whore like her
must have had it coming
and that she hadn't needed to be
so perverse
in her escape

About Ezhno Martin:

Ezhno Martin doesn't believe in god, pronouns, american exceptionalism, most conventions of capitalization, monogamy, any form of censorship, that 9/11 was real, casseroles, coming to a full stop at stop signs, chivalry, patriotism, hand washing after bathroom visits, rough sex, decorum, the importance of biological families, and/or that The New York Knick's are ever going to get their shit together.  Ezhno lives in Toledo, Ohio.  Ezhno is now from Toledo, Ohio, because that's how that works.  You can't misgender Ezhno, because Ezhno doesn't believe in genders, pronouns, safe spaces or any of that social-justice-warrior-rich-kid-with-a-complex bullshit.   Just say “nice ass” if you're feeling nervous or confused about the fact that the 6'2” Adonis that is Ezhno hates your counter culture just as much as the culture it opposes.

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