Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I Don’t Want To Die by Austin Davis

I want to live forever
as a talking head in a jar
like Nixon does in Futurama,

except, I’d rather not
be carried around
by Spiro Agnew every day.

Upload my mind
into a keychain
before I die

and you can keep me in your hand
and listen to me read you poems
until you become a keychain too.

Then we can live together forever
clipped onto the side of some
4th grade girl’s backpack

or in the left pocket
of some angsty kid’s jeans
and we can help him
make better decisions.

I feel like baby Superman,
launched into the bottleneck of space
while my world burns to its core.

It’s a shame I can’t fly
on the planet I landed on,
so all that’s left for me to do
is to rip out those thin pages from the Bible
and roll my last joint.

Everyone knows God

catches flame faster than the Devil.

Austin Davis is a poet, spoken word artist, and student activist currently studying Creative Writing at ASU. Austin's writing has been widely published in dozens of literary journals and magazines including Pif Magazine, After the Pause, Philosophical Idiot, and Collective Unrest. Austin's first two books, "Cloudy Days, Still Nights" and "Second Civil War" were both published by Moran Press in 2018.

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