Thursday, March 7, 2019

Prepositioned by Wayne F. Burke

To, is, and, if, but
the prepositions of grammar school
how about “then” and “than” and
“was” and “were”?
The teacher explained usage
but I did not get it;
got “your” and “you’re”
“their” and “they’re”
but not then/than
or was/were
I do not believe the
teacher knew
more about it
then/than I did
but she the one
flunked me,
told my grandparents
I was/were slow
which was/were news to
them/there and
suggested I be put into
“special class”
back in them/thar days
was/were called

About Wayne F. Burke:
Wayne F. Burke has published six full-length volumes of poetry, most recently DIFLUCAN (BareBack Press, 2019).
A link to the book:

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