Saturday, February 6, 2021

Rust Belt Blues #666 by A.S. Coomer & Dan Denton

The street preacher yelled as I walked by,
"Satan will come back as a serpent."

He slithered passed under a rust colored sky,
the last rays of an overburdened sun
slipping off, tail between its legs
and still wagging.

He can't possibly know 
that I watched the devil escape 
from a bottle one night 
and another time I saw him
crawl into a needle
race through a brother's veins 
and come screaming out of his dead mouth 
a mouth that hung open and slack 
just like his dead eyes.

Broken concrete slapping a frenzied beat 
under my feet, slate gray sky permeating 
an insufferable heat, I turned the corner 
and crossed the street. “We’ll all come back 
as mosquitos,” I sang. “First to thirst, 
drink ‘til we burst, rising from the bloody dirt 
to swarm the earth.”'

A mother pulled her daughter closer as I passed.
I laughed and continued singing.

A.S. Coomer is a writer and musician. Books include Memorabilia, The Fetishists, The Flock Unseen, Shining the Light, The Devil’s Gospel, Misdeeds (forthcoming from Shotgun Honey Press), Birth of a Monster (forthcoming from Grindhouse Press), and more. He runs Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records, a “record label” for poetry. He co-edits Cocklebur Press, a small press “for books that stick.” @ascoomer

Dan Denton’s work has been published online and in print in multiple zines, magazines, newspapers and anthologies. He co-edits Cocklebur Press, an indie publisher of books that stick.

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