Monday, June 4, 2018

My El Roastico To Senor Scottico By El Bastardo

El Scottico I knew from the first time I met him was special.
It wasn't just the El busico he rode on.

He is a amigo of many tastes .
Most are from clients from his side business. 

Sometimes I question his motive.
But never judge a amigo who can take a whole donkeys chimmicha to the balls.

He owes me many pesos but I know he is very cheapico. 
He once tried to pawn his grandfathers pacemaker on the black market.

Sure he was still using it but he is a heartless gringo. 

And if you have the money so will be his grandfather. 

Senor Scott loves history he once banged a entire old folks home. 
But instead of of getting degree he only got the herpes.

He has many amigos within his mind.
And they all hate him as much as me.

He loves the films.
Of course most of them all involve two people having sexico and sometimes there is a senorita involved.

But he is a confident young gringo.
He loves a good parade and would be happy to march at yours.

You just name the cityico and he has the body glitter and angel wings ready.
But he is one of those people I believe most call a christian.

Ole Senor Scottico Ole to you.

Now where are my pesos puto. 

About El Bastardo: 

El Bastardo is the mutable title holding Lucha Libre wrestling legend.
He holds many attendance records in his home country of Mexico.

He is now retired and runs many charities like Bastardos Bastards home for young boys.

Were he gives regular wrestling lessons
He also enjoys making films and painting landscapes as well as writing poetry and chasing senoritas.

Bastardo is a living legend and gentle lover of many far to many senoritas to name.

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