Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Spankings For You By El Bastardo

I listened to the wire that was attached to the man that was listening to the other man who I did not likeico. 

Scott Simmons owed me many pesos he pleaded poverty yet lived in his mini mansion in Houston.

He stole Bastardos work promising him mucho pesos and to name Bastardo co editor of the publication Bastardo helped get off the ground.

Dis man wearing a wire was carefully disguised as pizza delivery man once is irresistible to men who are sexually confused as senor Scottico. 

I viewed the lust in his eye's from a safe distance behind lemonade stand disguised as a beautiful little girl.

Wearing luchador mask.

Senor Scottico would never guess it was me for I was dressed as the one thing he allergic to senoiritas. 

And although he claimed to be broke he paid for a pizza he clearly did not order .

This is my proof that Senior Scottico is cheating the great kind hearted Bastardo who when broken hearted confided in me his love for me.

I cannot blame a man for being attracted to such a work of perfection as me with my oiled up muscles and tight spandex .

I watched as this greedy little man took the pizza without even leaving the delivery boy a tip.

What a cold taco this heartless man was.

I imagined him inside his fortress of lies.

I imagined him stuffing his face without a ounce of knowledge.

Where that pepperoni sprinkled all over that pizza had been.

Some say senor Scottico had shit taste in writers.

Ole Ole.

About El Bastardo:

El Bastardo is the mutable title holding Lucha Libre wrestling legend.
He holds many attendance records in his home country of Mexico.

He is now retired and runs many charities like Bastardos Bastards home for young boys.

Were he gives regular wrestling lessons
He also enjoys making films and painting landscapes as well as writing poetry and chasing senoritas.

Bastardo is a living legend and gentle lover of many far to many senoritas to name.

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