Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jim Morrison Lives In My Basement By R.M. Engelhardt

Didn't really
Die in

He actually
Moved back to
The states &
Drank alot of

Where no one
Recognized him
Or knew his

Then one day
He showed up
On my doorstep
Asking for a
Notebook & a
Pen claiming
He was once
The Lizard King

And that's
How it all

So I let him
Move into
My basement
Where now he
Just sings old blues
Songs all day long
And quotes Rimbaud
& William Blake

He just
Drinks beer and
He never bathes
His old leather
Pants reeking
Of pee

But his
His poetry
Is amazing

But mostly
All about his
Beard & magical
Realms where
Old guys who
Only have beards
Are kings

He's strange

But he's Jim

Last week
I gave him a
A Taylor Swift
CD just to
See what he
Would do

He uses it
As a drink
Coaster and
Is now convinced
That the end times
Are nigh

I agree

About R.M Engelhardt:
 R.M. Engelhardt is a veteran poet & writer whose work over the last twenty some years has appeared in such journals & magazines as Rusty Truck, Thunder Sandwich, Sure! The Charles Bukowski Newsletter, Writer's Resist and many others.

His new book of poetry is " Coffee Ass Blues & Other Poems" (Alien Buddha Press 2018) and is available on Amazon.

 He currently lives & writes in Upstate NY.

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