Thursday, September 6, 2018

Down By The Riverside By Wayne Russell

Take this heart down by the riverside
cast its lifeless form over the side of
this all-encompassing overpass.

One lash for a senseless suicide, one
lash for the bleak wedding day bride.

Descending into the mystic mire, waters
dark and congested, with a loss to
unimaginable to bear.

Take this heart down by the riverside
quick before it beaks curative dawn
and sparrows start their symphonic
ode to joy.

Fish leaping at insects on the mirrored
surface of pain, resurrecting intrusive
nightmares, simmering underneath, the
ungodly sick flesh of earthy layer.

The willow bride allowed the groom of
earth, no asylum, leap of faith into dark
chasm, no return not like Lazarus, no
not today.

About Wayne Russell:
Wayne Russell is a creative writer that was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.
Wayne is the founder and former editor and chief of Degenerate Literature.
Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances and time restraints DL closed in late 2017.

Wayne's poetry, short stories, and photography, have been widely published both 
online and in print.  

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