Friday, September 28, 2018

Farewell By Wayne Russell

Hands friction, melting intrusive block of ice, heart encased,
no morning thaw.

Ocean's carnal wave envelop me, undertow pulling me down,
undertaker in-balms carcass.

Goodbye to love and all that, farewell to that elusive dream.
Raven in stealth mode, intermingled fantasy, darkness betrothed
down by the tracks.

I left her as I found her, alone, the golden-eyed and angst-ridden
woman, with highlights in her hair.

Depart now, into my past woman of my dreams, so elusive, I
shall remember you and our time, so limited.

About Wayne Russell: 

Wayne Russell is a creative writer that was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.
Wayne is the founder and former editor and chief of Degenerate Literature.
Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances and time restraints DL closed in late 2017.

Wayne's poetry, short stories, and photography, have been widely published both 
online and in print.  

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