Saturday, November 10, 2018

Who Said Marijuana Isn't Addictive By Robert Ragan

Here I am quick to call someone out on their bullshit 
But don't call me out on mine
Most degenerates claim they don't give a fuck 
Me I really don't give a fuck 

They say marijuana is a gateway drug 
Yes it's led to other things but I always come back to it.

With not a shred of hope and no goals in life
I'm smoking the finest loud
Whether I cop a sack or steal blunt roaches out of your ashtray 

About Robert Ragan:
Robert Ragan, from Lillington North Carolina, enjoys writing, reading, listening to music and abstract painting, which he recently began. Robert, who has been writing for 18 years, writes poetry and short stories. He has four stories published at Vexed Magazine. Alien Buddha Press just published his first short story collection, "Mannequin Legs and Other Tales".

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