Friday, December 28, 2018

Hookers In Heels Providing Meals On Wheels by Ron Murphy

Tis the holiday season and all the other shit I can't stand.
So I beat the blues by staying loaded and higher than Jesus himself.

Keeping company with hookers and pimps and pirates oh my.
Drinking whatever is near and cheaply priced.

Staying in a haze like a nut in a bomb shelter.

Waiting for it to either blow over or the zombie apocalypse to begin.

Waiting to snag some hottie in need of shelter and maybe her annoying friend too.

We will repopulate the world with perverts much like myself.

Ever so horny and deranged and make the flesh eating zombies sound not so bad compared to the destruction bound fools we produce by the second.

It's weird the shit you think up sharing the night with some hookers and some good drugs.

And whenever I'm on the prowl for cheap sex and quality cocaine.
I look no further than the

The Debauchery With Activities Network.

Yes why waste your  time on Facebook?

With endless conversations meanwhile trying to figure out who's holding.

Liking endless stupid posts and dumb ass bathroom selfies.

When you can say what all men really want to say.

How much?

Yes screw love lets get blasted and hopefully not catch disease.

I'm Ron Murphy.

And whenever I arrive in a strange town and need some dirty sex and affordable narcotics I turn to the one place that has it all for a man of such refined taste.

The Debauchery With Activities Network.

Screw you Facebook cause I wanna party like the worlds ending tomorrow.

And fuck the consequences.
As long as I get my rocks off tonight.

Yes thank you internet for helping perversion thrive in modern era.

You're Welcome !!!

About Ron Murphy:

Ron Murphy  is a modern enigma and worshiped as a God in Brazil where he currently resides and fights extradition due to some silly laws liars claimed he broke. His voice over work is the stuff of legend. He remains the golden voice of U.T.B. His publications include. The Ryan Quinn Flanagan Quarterly, Field And Sexy Stream, Jugs Magazine, Women's Home Journal, Home Wrecker Review, Farting For Freedom Ezine, Sams Club Bathroom Wall, Playgirl, National Geographic Magazine.
He is currently single and looking to mingle and if horny and interested please call 757 376 9058 to set up a meeting at a motel six nearest you. Yes Motel Six the official stabbin cabin of Ron Murphy.
Just mention my name at the front desk and get a two percent discount for a limited time only.
You're Welcome!!!!

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