Thursday, December 27, 2018

Los Angeles by Ashley Cooke

You hold the restless ones
A saint lost in the lust of love
A sinner found freedom in fear
with twitchy fingers holding cigarettes
flicking them across the graffiti filled walls

The smell of perfume between her breasts
and piss along the brick wall
You are the problem child
worn down from fights and breakups
and throwing up from too much alcohol

You are a continuing love story
Filled with violence and beauty
The ink will always run along the page for you
Spiders descend from skyscrapers
Waiting to feast upon us

It will take this love poem
and stick it to the tongue
of someone who dreams of this city
someone with the hope of belonging

in a place that will never embrace you.

About Ashley Cooke:
Ashley Cooke is a creative writing major attending Long Beach City College. She is from Long Beach, CA. She is currently working on her first poetry collection

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