Friday, January 11, 2019

Review: Blood & Beats & Rock N Roll by Scott Simmons

This book is certainly a large book and at times it was a little hard to navigate as  there are no page numbers. However there are still excellent examples of true poetry such as "Prune" and many more other great poems. One of the most humorous parts of the book to me was the opening write "Lit Fuse" it was delightfully absurd and was genuinely fun to read. As a short reader I tend to just read something for just a few minutes a day, but Tony's great sense of humor and poetry kept me to invested in reading far more than I thought I would.


Interesting Chapter titles.
Diverse Selection of Poetry.
Throughly Humorous/vulgar at times (In a very fun way).
His style communicates quite well to readers.
Very readable.


No page Numbers.
Could have been organized a bit better to help the reader focus more.

Overall Recommendation: I would certainly recommend this book for any true poet and for anyone who like myself can also enjoy a crude sense of humor in just the right doses.  This book is going to be something that I will often return back for so I could get a few well earned laughs or if I want to be able to appreciate true poetry.

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