Sunday, February 17, 2019

No Toque Left Behind by David Boski

We had been drinking in the market,
and as we walked out onto the street after last call,
a woman with short black hair who looked like
she was high as shit looked at me and said:
“you, you’re coming with me!”

Being that I was well past drunk, I happily obliged
and we headed down the street towards her place.
upon arrival, we walked past the living room
and into her bedroom. she took my toque off my head,
put it on, and told me to wait as she headed
to the bathroom:

I heard the shower turn on and I waited for 5 minutes:
10 minutes: 15 minutes: then finally I decided to knock
on the door, but she didn’t answer. I thought of leaving,
but she took my toque with her and I didn’t want to leave it
behind so I continued to wait, and then finally after what felt
like forever, she walked out with nothing but a towel on,
her eyes the size of dinner plates:

“what the fuck were you doing in there?” I asked
frustrated, drunk, and tired of waiting:
“shhhh come errrree” she slurred before grabbing
me and trying to stick her tongue in my mouth:

She was terribly dehydrated but we fell towards the bed
and I removed the towel to take a look at what
was underneath. I put my hand on her pussy and she started
moaning with pleasure. I brought my face down south
and the moaning continued shortly, until it abruptly stopped,
and I suddenly heard her snoring:

I got up, looked for my toque, and eventually found
it soaking wet on the bathroom floor. that angered me,
so, for some stupid fucking reason I decided to throw
a gigantic, decorative bar of soap into her toilet:

I walked out, took a drink from the open Jameson that I saw
sitting on a table in the living room, and I went home all alone,
holding my wet toque, which I would lose shortly thereafter.

About David Boski:

David Boski lives in Toronto: His poems have most recently appeared in: Under The Bleachers, Horror Sleaze Trash, Duane's Poetree, Winamop, Beatnik Cowboy, Rusty Truck: He has forthcoming chapbooks being released by Analog Submission Press and Holy&Intoxicated Publications later this year. 

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