Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Never Wear a Hat to a Strip Club by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

It was my birthday
and I was young and stupid

and when the dancer came on
she took my hat and put it on her head
and rode the pole like bucking
a bronco

and the next dancer that came on
didn’t have my hat

and when it reappeared 
three dancers later
it was rubbed in places
and smelled of rotten fish

but I still put it on my head
and walked out of that joint
like some long lost conqueror
of something

because I was young
and drunk


About Ryan Quinn Flanagan:

Ryan Quinn Flanagan guards the Northern Wall for The Frat with his army of horny unicorns and 4/5ths of the Village People.  His private jet is a tax write-off and most of his first edition moose dulaps as well.  He is Scott's Simmons' father and wants Scott to know that he has been a very naughty boy and to get the spanking paddle out of the closet.

1 comment:

  1. No not stupid just a sweet kid trying to be an adult, too soon! Really enjoyed this one, but felt a little sad, cause the kid time is so short, but the adult time can be a pain. Maybe if I become senile I can be young,have fun.dejavue,all over again;-)


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