Friday, April 5, 2019

Space Station By Wayne F. Burke

The engineer from NASA
came to the college to speak about
space stations
and was through his talk
and taking questions
when a stout glasses-wearing man
with bushy hair and moustache
stood and pointed to the
who looked like a Kennedy--
and said, “this man does not have a political thought
in his head!”
And the engineer said, “that is not true,
Murry,” and
the crowd looked from one man
to the other
and Murry wondered aloud who
would live in the space stations
and answered: “the rich!”
and the crowd stirred
and the engineer fidgeted,
looking less Ivy League,
more State College,
and Murry began to tear into NASA’s “non-political
automatons” as the
engineer began to wilt in the sun
shining down
on the trees and grass
from the electric blue sky.

About Wayne F. Burke: 

Wayne F. Burke has published six full-length volumes of poetry, most recently DIFLUCAN (BareBack Press, 2019).
A link to the book:

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