Sunday, January 20, 2019

Borderline by Terrence Sykes

crossing over
the border
into the night

no passport
nor visa
at hand

desire to go into
another land

on his guard
eyeing with

murmured “poet” 
above his breath
in local dialect

was it a curse
or welcoming
into his province

would I scribe
of love

or merely 
a passage 
without rhyme

line forgotten
stanza remembered 
ode to a broken heart

About Terrence Sykes:

Terrence Sykes was born and raised in the rural coal mining area of Virginia.  This isolation brings the theme of remembrance to his creations, whether real or imagined.  Other interests include heirloom vegetable research & foraging wild edibles .  His poetry - photography - flash fiction has been published in India, Mauritius,Scotland, Spain and the USA

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